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Electric blinds are superior to traditional curtains

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:23

With the development of the times, people are pursuing fashion, novelty, home decoration and decoration. Electric shutters come into people's sight. Their advantages are deeply pursued by everyone. They gradually replace traditional curtain products. What's the magic of electric shutters? Then we will unveil its mysterious veil:

(1) Beautiful appearance comparison: electric shutters are more beautiful and energy-saving than traditional curtains, and the use of electric shutters is more convenient and fast. When used, they can all be pulled up and the scenery outside the window can be fully panoramic. The traditional curtains are more troublesome and inconvenient when used. Even if you pull them all up, they will block part of the space of the window, even if you do. Influencing the light intake and aesthetic feeling.

(2) Material comparison: Traditional curtains are made of cloth materials, electric shutters are made of metal materials, how big the difference can be seen. When the curtains meet strong winds and rainstorms, they will encounter an awkward side, that is, they will be wet and blown by strong winds; while electric shutters are made of metal products, with a very high safety index, not afraid of wind and rain, and they can also be used. To withstand the ultraviolet radiation; in the aspect of ventilation, the louver can only control the introduction of wind speed, can comfortably enjoy the refreshing breeze, and curtains can not have such a function, meet the strong wind will fluctuate, so that people's indoor life if hidden, expose people's life, privacy is not guaranteed.

(3) Different ways of operation: electric shutters are operated automatically by means of electric intelligence and can be adjusted according to people's personal preferences, while curtains do not have this function, which is only a manifestation of shortcomings.

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