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Development History of Louvers

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:23

Until the Tang Dynasty, the folk were represented by the straight lattice windows. By the Ming Dynasty, there was a great development of sleeping window. In the Song Dynasty, various kinds of straight lattice windows were made on brick towers, and in the Ming Dynasty, sleeping lattice windows were also made on brick towers. There were many examples, those were the predecessors of shutters. Window lattices are no more than several styles, either horizontal or vertical. The horizontal bar is the rudiment of the louver. Strictly speaking, the lattice window is different from the shutter in that the lattice window is parallel and the space is transparent. The shutter lattice is oblique. It can not be seen inside or outside the horizontal direction. Only the oblique side can be seen. In ancient times, wooden window lattices were mainly used to achieve the purpose of ventilation and air circulation. Modern shutters, after various improvements, have integrated many functions and are suitable for various buildings.

Louvers are generally relatively wide and are generally used for indoor and outdoor shading and ventilation. More and more people agree that the shutter curtain wall also evolved from the shutter. Venetian curtain wall has many advantages, and it is very beautiful. It is generally used in high-rise buildings.

Louvers, windows with louvers. It's different from blinds. Venetian blinds are similar to curtains, with smaller leaves that can be closed. They are common in our TV or daily life.

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