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How to Install Hanshi Electric Venetian Curtain

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:22

Usually, we can install it by ourselves. Generally, the merchants sell the finished track, and then ask the manufacturer to assemble and configure the electric blinds. When you receive the goods, you just need to fix the track of the electric blinds directly according to the instructions, install it on the wall, and then install the motor on the drive case, and connect the wires. The last step is to activate the motor and use it directly.

Electric shutter


In particular:

1. Installation is usually 30-50 centimeters, the top of the large core plate is better to install;

2. Some electric curtains may need to confirm the location of the power cord beforehand because of the different transmission boxes at both ends.

3. If you install it by yourself, it is recommended that you confine it to narrow curtains. If the width is very wide, the manufacturer considers the transportation problem, the problem of going upstairs and so on. Electric curtains will be connected. Some accessories will be relaxed at this time. You need to follow-up tightening and debugging, so it will be difficult.

4. There are many kinds of electric curtains. If you install them, you are advised to purchase the one that can be used after activation without setting limits. It is easy to operate.

If you have any questions, you can consult the Hanshi Electric Venetian Curtain after-sales service department www.hans.cn. Do not operate easily by yourself, in order to avoid irreparable losses caused by improper operation.

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