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Daily Maintenance and Maintenance of Hanshi Venetian

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:21

With the development of aluminum alloy louvers industry in China, more and more new products of aluminum alloy louvers are produced. The structure of aluminum alloy louvers is becoming more and more complex, and the technical content is high. The requirements for maintenance personnel are also relatively improved. This article requires the contractor of the aluminium alloy shutter project to train the maintenance personnel of the owner before the aluminium alloy shutter is delivered for use.

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Aluminum alloy Bayer original inspection, maintenance and maintenance:

Daily maintenance and maintenance shall comply with the following provisions:

It should be used in ventilated and dry environment to keep the surface of shutters clean and tidy, and not contact with corrosive substances such as acid, alkali and salt.

Neutral water-soluble detergents should be used for cleaning, and corrosive chemicals should not be used.

The drainage system of shutters should be inspected regularly to remove blockages and keep smooth.

Louver chute, transmission mechanism, hinge, sliding brace, handle and other parts should be kept clean, dust removal;

Louver hinges, pulleys, handles and other louver hardware should be inspected and lubricated regularly to keep the opening flexible, without sticking, the damage of hardware should be replaced in time, and the opening and closing inflexible should be repaired in time.

Aluminum alloy shutter sealing strip and sealing wool should be repaired or replaced in time when they are damaged, aged or shortened.

Within one year after the completion and acceptance of the aluminium alloy louver project, some defects of the processing and construction technology, materials, hardware and sealing materials of the aluminium alloy louver project have been exposed to varying degrees. Therefore, one year after the completion and acceptance of the aluminium alloy louver project, a comprehensive inspection of the aluminium alloy louver project should be carried out.

One year after the completion and acceptance of the aluminium alloy shutter project, a comprehensive inspection of the shutter project shall be carried out, and a return visit inspection and maintenance record shall be made.

Problems should be repaired and replaced immediately, and hidden safety hazards of shutters should be found and dealt with urgently.

It is strictly forbidden to use any part of the shutter as a seat belt fixture in the maintenance and maintenance of the aluminum alloy shutters. In high-altitude operation, the relevant provisions of JGJ80, the current industry standard, must be complied with.

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