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A New Favorite of Home Decoration-Louvers

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:23

When many people choose clothes for windows, the first choice for them is cloth curtains. Now, more and more people choose blinds for home decoration, which can be installed in living room, bedroom, study and other places. It is the best choice for many families.

There are many kinds of shutters on the market now. There are retro, modern urban simplicity and so on, according to the different preferences of consumers to choose different styles.

Louvers of different materials give people different feelings. Manual blinds made of bamboo or wood chips are closer to nature, and their natural simplicity makes people feel cool. The design of louvers has also been added to the floor sliding doors and wardrobe doors, blocking sight and dust while maintaining ventilation, showing a simple and simple style. There is also a combination of blinds and fabric curtains, using rough linen cloth with strong moisture absorption and thermal conductivity wrapped in hard blades to make blinds. Although the feel is rough, this new style, which combines the design of blinds and cloth curtains, brings a different style to the space and is more popular with consumers.

So how do we choose to buy it? At present, there are many brands of shutters in the decoration market of building materials. When choosing and purchasing, we can choose whether to buy fresh and natural bamboo and wood manual shutters or metal aluminum electric shutters with more modern sense according to our own decoration style. Choose louvers of good quality, suitable size and matching with your own decoration.

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