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Detailed Explanation of Electric Louver Advantage

Issuing time:2019-05-11 16:21

The difference between electric shutters and manual shutters is like the feeling that people have just stepped from the steam age to the electrical age. Electric louvers, as its name implies, are driven by electricity. However, this kind of electric louvers is not only an upgrade of energy, but also a more powerful function than manual louvers. The following chapters will explain the powerful function of the new electric louvers for you in detail.

First of all, we need to understand the structure of the electric louver. The driving device of the electric louver is a motor. The electric driving device can be installed in different positions according to the needs of customers, such as the edge surface of the louver and the surface of other objects. In order to ensure safety, electric shutters should be installed with fire exhaust windows, so as to make the fastest response when a fire occurs, and open the shutters to exhaust smoke and heat in the room.

A switching switch is also installed on the drive motor of the electric louver. The switching switch allows your louver to switch freely in both electric and manual modes. Comparing with manual louvers, the biggest advantage of electric louvers is that indoor light mode can be set according to scientific measurement. In the past, we need to manually fine-tune the angle of louvers to achieve the desired lighting effect. Today, we can set different indoor lighting environments by changing the angle of louvers with only one click.

It is said that some shutters manufacturers have developed and manufactured an electric shutter which can automatically adjust the angle of the window according to the difference of indoor and outdoor sunlight. This high-tech electric shutter can also automatically switch to the owner's favorite lighting mode according to the collection and analysis of daily data.

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